Brian Clariett- Personal Fitness Trainer

Be the best you can be with 1 on 1 private personal training


step 1:


I will need 30 to 60 minutes of your time in which could be over zoom, one on one for locals or a phone call to find out your diet, good and bad habits, needs and goals to see if you are a good fit for Clariett fitness

step 2:


 Health and fitness assessment waiver form this is basically saying that there are no major issues going on with yourself and that you are not going against doctor orders of being trained by a personal trainer this form will need to be signed before you start with Clariett fitness.

step 3:


Clariett fitness knows that when we are not in the gym putting in work is when we do our most damage to the mind and body mostly because ( life happens) stress from work or relationship struggles, financial, family problems whatever it is I understand that is when we are more high risk to going into a depression of eating bad foods and desert (that results in low or lack of energy) and results in the lack of energy so I personally take it upon myself to keep you accountable weekly by a personal email, text or zoom call to keep you moving with positive energy

step 4:


If you choose to upgrade with a weekly meal plan package, I will give you individual guidance on how to maintain a healthy diet and still be able to have a little fun with a once or twice a week cheat meal, losing weight comes down to your 70 to 80% nutrition 

step 5:

1 on 1 training

1 on 1 training in a gym of your choice or online via zoom I will  teach you how to have proper form when preforming an exercise I also will show you various exercises that pin point different body parts depending on your ultimate goal we will focus on training hard, efficient and consistent in which I believe is the key  conquering your personal goal.